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Commercial Display Solutions for Hotel Scenes
1+3+N Senke commercial display full scene
Smart hotels are a development trend. The entire intelligent system connects various scenes, allowing information display and management to be ubiquitous. Hotel informatization is the improvement of management and service. The form of information display is mainly based on commercial display smart screens. This will make the information more visualized, smoother, and more focused. Senke's high-definition smart screen makes hotel information display at your fingertips. Senke has transitioned from product + service brand to category + scene brand, double + brand creation; subdivided and small scene solutions under the big scene link the ecological circle and supply chain, forming a win-win closed loop for all stakeholders. Senke will combine the double + brand creation strategy, starting from the smart screen, to provide a complete set of exclusive commercial display solutions and services for various scenarios of enterprises and hotels.
Most of the hotel area division will include the lobby area, customer area, and public function area. Senke focuses on the application of hotel commercial display solutions. After more than ten years of experience accumulation, it has formed a full-scenario solution for 1+3+N hotel commercial display applications. For the three major areas mentioned above, Senke has N various small-scenario application solutions in large-scale scenarios. Senke has tailored hundreds of commercial display solutions in different scenarios for many brand hotels. No matter what type of hotel, Senke has a corresponding package of solutions for quick application.

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